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SiftPay will carefully guide your low or high-risk merchant account through the underwriting process, with the highest probability of approval, and at the most competitive rates.

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Our low and high-risk merchant accounts are our main focus. At SiftPay we handle all clients with the hightest level of attention to detail, and care.

High-Risk Merchant Account

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SiftPay will assist you in setting up your high-risk merchant account with a reliable and fully customized credit card processing solution. With over 30 years of experience, our team of experts will walk you through the often-difficult banking underwriting process.

Businesses can be considered high-risk if they operate in an industry being identified as a potential risk by the selected credit card processor or acquiring bank. In addition to any type of financial barrier within their business model which may cause the same assessment.
SiftPay is a “trustworthy” solution for any type of merchant services gateway that your business may require. Whether it be a domestic or international payment gateway, merchant account solution for a digital goods start-up, subscription based payment processing for online gambling, telemedicine, travel, or you are in need of assistance with setting up a secure offshore merchant account, Siftpay can help and at the lowest rates available for your high-risk business.
Worlwide Payment Gateway Solution

What we do


Full-service gateway, fraud, and chargeback mitigation tools.

Payment Processing Service


Robust multi-currency conversation.

Ecommerce Services


Serving all industries. In-store, mobile, and EMV solutions..

Hard to Place – Fast Approval

In the world of banking not all businesses are created equal. When selecting a merchant services provider, it’s important they understand your industry. At SiftPay, we have partnered with qualified banks that are comfortable being able to approve hard to place merchants. Are you tired of being rejected? That stops now.

Just a few of the industries we serve:





Collection Agencies

Collection Agencies

Credit Repair Services

Credit Repair

Dating Website

Dating Website

Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation





Online Gaming Fantasy Sports

Online Gaming/ Fantasy Sports

Online Tobaco E-Cigarettes

Online Tobaco/ E-Cigarettes

Financial And Loan Services

Financial / Loan Services

Med Rec Marijuana

Med / Rec Marijuana


Membership Sites


Multilevel Marketing (MLM)




Payday Loans


Social Media / Gaming


Subsciption- bases Services


Tech Support


Ticket Brokers


Timeshare Services


Trading - Crypto / Forex / Stock


Travel Agencies


Weight Loss

Growing your brand through Customized Payments

Hassle Free Credit Card Processing

High-Risk Payment Solutions

SiftPay is a leader with high-risk industries by putting the customer first. Our job is to guarantee that your high-risk business can process credit cards or alternative payments efficiently in real time with the most reliable merchant services account.

We carefully select our national and international partnering banks who can specialize in offering a top rate integrated payment gateway to our clients. In doing so this will allow for a platform which can provide safe and secure payment processing at all times. In addition to implementing a certified cloud server, consumers will also be able to securely pay merchants for goods or services online, or through their mobile device.

Our support team will work diligently with you to identify the best merchant services and payment products that suit all your required needs. If you have a question about your merchant processing account, need help with chargeback protection, or have a question about a monthly statement, our representatives are here to help 24/7.

High-Risk Payment Solutions

Business Loans the Easy Way

Do you sometimes think that getting a small business loan can be complicated? With Siftpay, we are here to convince you that it doesn’t have to be. We make the business funding process simple. With one application, you can get access to all the best funding options available on the market. Why keep waiting? Get started today.
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Line of Credit

The low-cost way to give your business a financial safety net.
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Credit Card

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Commercial Mortgage

Commercial Mortgage

For buying, building, expending, r remodeling your business space.
Term Loan Services

Term Loan

A flexible form of financing that can be used for almost any business need.


Finance tools, software, appliances, and even company cars.
Startup Loan

Startup Loan

Give your new business a financial boost without losing equity.