The adult entertainment industry is worth billions of dollars in the US alone. If you sell adult toys and products, you’re well aware that demand is consistent from one quarter to the next. Capitalizing on that demand is as simple as supplying the items and services that your customers want. This incorporates accepting credit and debit cards to make payments as convenient and straightforward as possible.

SiftPay’s Approach to Adult Processing

At SiftPay, we understand how tough it is for adult entertainment businesses to get even the most initial merchant services. We are aware of it as we see it every day.

Banks and credit card processing companies keep away from adult pleasure companies since doing business is against their official organizational norms. A few merchants consider adult entertainment too detrimental, while others do not want to be associated with it. The bad news is those vendors are missing out on a sizable chunk of income from one of the world’s most successful enterprises, which is growing year after year. That, on the other hand, is terrific news. We’re excited to work with adult entertainment companies to provide credit card processing and other merchant services. We want your business to thrive, regardless of the industry or if you require high-risk credit card processing.

We Support the Following Products and Services

We’ve previously supplied merchant accounts to adult businesses that offer their customers a wide range of products and services. We expect this list to increase dramatically in the future, given the industry’s development. Here are some of our most favorite adult markets for the time being:
  • Novelties and Toys
  • Lotions and lubricants
  • Courses on Sex Education
  • Streaming Services for Online Dating
  • Adult Photography using Risque Video Games
  • Fetish Items for Sex Operators on the Phone
  • Lingerie

The Advantages of a Payment Gateway for Adults

You don’t have to let your business suffer because you can’t find a trustworthy electronic payment processor. Don’t pass up on valuable chances for your business! You may send all of your worries concerning electronic payments by connecting with us. We specialize in providing merchant services to firms that our competitors consider high-risk.

If you’re looking for a merchant services company to aid your business, SiftPay is the company for you. Let’s get started on developing your business right away. We can work together as partners to give your customers the convenience of credit and debit card payments, whether they buy online or in your physical store.

SiftPay specializes in a variety of perks, including:

  • Simple Application Procedure
  • Access to a Personal Representative
  • Underwriting that is quick and stress-free
  • Access to a One-of-a-Kind Payment Gateway Possibility of Integrating with 100+ Platforms
  • Option to Order a Retail Physical Terminal

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