Benefits of Choosing SiftPay Payment Solutions for CBD merchants

Our goal is to facilitate the seamless coordination and operation of your payment processing. It indicates that all necessary steps will be taken to ensure this.

Gateway services

Technology and data security- We have developed our PCI Level I certified technology for CBD payment gateway and storing data, ensuring that all security protocols such as PCI compliance and GDPR are completed.

PCI compliance

SiftPay is fully compliant with PCI DS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). In terms of accepting online payments for the sale of CBD products, data transmission, storage, and processing are handled securely and create a secure environment for your customers. Due to the risk associated with CBD products, the PCI compliant CBD business account environment becomes crucial in building customer trust and increasing brand equity, which in turn increases the number of returning customers.

Checkout pages

We fully understand that the form of customer payment travel and any online shop is essential to the customers and their shopping experience. We cater to the growing demand of CBD merchants with fully customizable checkout pages integrated into your online shop. This way, your branding will be on the customer payment journey, strengthening customer awareness and loyalty. CBD oil merchant account is essential for CBD credit card for CBD oil payment processing, CBD payment 
CBD credit card apply.

Additionally, our checkout pages are provided in multiple currencies and languages ​​to suit your payment processing and target markets’ specific needs.


Power Cash 21 provides reliable data on all transactions at any time. Holders of CBD Merchant Accounts can oversee CBD online banking login processing, access financial reporting, and restore live bases. Also, credit card processing for CBD products allows merchants to inspect bases and inventories.

Reporting tools include risk and financial management systems that a CBD trader can use to evaluate their business performance.

Personalized customer relationship

We want to be in touch with all our customers and make sure things go smoothly. Therefore, we provide a dedicated account manager with 24/7 support for every merchant. Some of the industries we serve are Airlines, Vape/eCig/CBD, Adult entertainment, Agriculture, Alcohol, Accounting, Construction, Cryptocurrency, Financial services, Bad Credit, Dating Websites, Gambling, Insurance, Legal Services, Lending, Manufacturing, Mining, Newspaper Agencies, Liquor/Hard Alcohol Outlets, Auction Websites, Nutraceuticals, Real estate companies, Online Video Gaming, Fantasy Sports, Direct Response/Infomercials, Time Cancellation Services, Online Tobacco, Debt Consolidation, Electronics, Restaurants, Retail, Staffing, Transportation, Travel agencies, Trucking, Utilities, Wholesaling, Collection Agencies, Event Ticket Sales, Pharmacies (Retail), Educational Seminars/Leadership Coaching Centers, Ticket Brokers, Merchant lenders (short term loan financing), Loan Services, Direct Marketing/Multilevel Marketing (MLM) Agencies/Biz Opportunity, US-based online pharmacies, Adult, retail and streaming hubs, Online Firearms and Gun Sales, High Volume Merchants, Continuity/Subscription Merchant Accounts, Credit Repair/Collection Agency, Document Preparation Centers, High-Risk Processing, e-commerce and Credit Repair Companies, Tech Support, Software & E-books, Dropshipping, Foreign Exchange, Stock Exchange, Timeshare services, Weight Loss and Diet Programs, Payday Loans, Social media/ Gaming, Subscription Based Services, Telemedicine, Coaching Centers for Real Estate, Business, and Life, Medicinal/Recreational Marijuana Retailers, CRB Retailers, CBD, Hemp, and Cannabis Lab Testing Centers, Paraphernalia Processing Companies, and Membership Sites.

However, SiftPay also plans to cover various low risk industries including, Auto Repair, B2B, Business & Professional Services, Car Dealerships, Churches/Nonprofits, Contractors/Home Improvements, Coffee Shops/Cafes, C-Store/Independent Gas Stations, eCommerce, Fitness Studios & Gyms, Flooring, Grocery Stores, Legal Services, Liquor/Beer Stores, Lodging & Hospitality, Medical & Dental Offices, Pet Stores, Pharmacy & Drug Stores, Property Management, Restaurants & Bars, Salons & Spas, Schools, Universities & Educational Institutions, Veterinaries and more in Puerto Rico, Europe, and USVI.

Alaska Marijuana Laws


Under Alaskan law, people 21 years of age or older are allowed to have one ounce (28 grams) of marijuana. Besides, adults are legally entitled to have three or six marijuana plants until maturity and flowering. Ballot measure 2 makes it clear that possession of marijuana accessories is legal and lawful. Medical marijuana patients have seizure restrictions similar to recreational users.

Purchase restrictions

Unlike other states such as Colorado, which have created purchase restrictions for different products, Alaska does not have specific rules regarding purchase restrictions. However, the seizure limit is one ounce of marijuana, meaning adults 21 years of age or older can only buy one ounce of marijuana.

To purchase recreational marijuana in Alaska, you must show your age on a government-issued identification card. If anyone finds their age to be a forgery, it is a violation and a fine of up to $ 400.


Unlike other states where marijuana is fun, you cannot eat marijuana on any federal or government land. Adults 21 years of age and older are permitted to consume marijuana on government property or government property from specially designated marijuana retail stores. Public consumption is strictly prohibited, and a fine of up to $ 100 can be imposed if found guilty of violating this prohibition. Until April 2019, dispensaries can apply for a permit to allow on-site use in specially designated areas.

Driving under the influence

Driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal in Alaska. As with alcohol, those convicted of driving under the influence of marijuana face DUI charges and fines. The risks of driving under the influence of marijuana are always greater than the benefits, so make sure you are only using it legally.

Marijuana Transportation

It is legal to carry one ounce of marijuana and six ounces of marijuana. Cannabis should be stored in a child-proof container outside the driver’s range. It is not legal to transport marijuana in the open even if a passenger has an open container. Also, it is illegal for passengers to use marijuana in any vehicle.

Marijuana Exporting

Exporting marijuana at the state level is illegal and can result in heavy fines if caught. It is advisable to use your legal marijuana safely and legally. If you have extra Cannabis, leave it with a friend before leaving the state or using it accordingly.


Adults 21 years of age or older are allowed to plant six cannabis plants, not over three at a time. Cannabis plants should be planted in a place where the plants are not visible to the public. Plants should be protected from unauthorized entry, and the property should be cultivated on a legal basis. The plant seeds are cultivated for uses in edibles, skin creams, nutraceuticals, muscle, and hair growth products. The rules are the same for medical and recreational marijuana users.

Risk management

Owning and operating a CBD online shop increases the risk somewhat. CBD products are considered high risk, and in the online environment, the risk of fraud is rising. Risk-free Cannabis payment solutions, along with CBD online banking registration, is necessary.

Our purpose is to establish a stress-free environment for the CBD trader by managing risk. As the CBD credit card processing and debit card payments, we use Secure to prove that the card user is the card’s legal owner. Other tools include speed tracking to review payment patterns for geo-differences and models that track the payment’s geographical location to authenticate the card user.

SiftPay sets up merchant accounts for retailers of the Cannabis and CBD industry. We take the risk so that traders can do their part – grow their companies.