Merchant Accounts

Merchant Accounts

As the top merchant account provider in Las Vegas, we can approve 98% of merchant applications at SiftPay. We even handle high-risk and hard-to-place credit card processing, due to our extensive banking connections and merchant solutions.

Domestic Accounts

SiftPay is unique in that we are able to underwrite domestic merchants ourselves, which enables our Las Vegas based merchant account provider to speed up the approval process and offer extremely competitive rates on domestic merchant accounts.

Offshore Accounts

By collaborating with banks across five continents, our merchant services firm in Las Vegas offers international credit card processing and offshore merchant accounts, regardless of where your business operates. We can also assist in incorporating your offshore company.


Recurring Payments

Our Merchant Management Console or programming interface allows you to easily set up recurring payments and billing through the web. This system was developed by the top merchant account provider handling Las Vegas’ most sensitive international credit card processing and hard-to-place accounts.


Our daily settlement ensures you will get your funds in your bank account the next business day after transactions settle, so take your business global and accept over 120 different currencies. With our daily settlement, you will get your funds in your bank account by the next business day after transactions have settled.

Advanced Fraud Detection

Utilize our intelligent fraud screening system to assess risky transactions and decline them at the time of purchase. As the most trusted merchant account provider in Las Vegas, we can provide comprehensive, fully managed credit card processing services and monitoring for sophisticated anti-fraud merchants.

Mobile Payments

In 2019, mobile devices accounted for 45% of all e-commerce globally. Mobile purchases will account for the vast majority of all online sales by 2025. With our One Touch mobile payment solution, you can make your checkout mobile-friendly and allow your customers to purchase on the move.

Ongoing Merchant Account Management

SiftPay Merchant Account is constantly searching out approaches to optimize your service provider account setup. We’ll touch you if we’ve any mind or hints as a way to gain your company. When feasible, this consists of locating you a lower-charge service provider account.

Responsive Merchant Support

You can count on us for all of your merchant solutions, whether your company makes $5,000 or $10 million in monthly transactions. Our customer service professionals are accessible 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Value-Added Technology

We’ve got you covered on everything from One Touch payments for your mobile clients to accepting Bitcoins in your online store. We stay up to date on the most cutting-edge payment technology available.

Integration Your Way

Virtual Terminal

You may use our Virtual Terminal to handle credit card orders by entering a customer’s credit card information into a secure point-of-sale web page.


  • No need for the programming and ready-to-use right of the bat
  • Hosted within our SSL-secured Merchant Account Management Console
  • Availability of Transaction management with Merchant Management Console
  • Count a new integration method no matter when, and begin with the Virtual Terminal

Hosted Payment Solution

You will accumulate secured and customizable payments from our Hosted Payment Solution.


  • No requirement for SSL certification with secure hosting
  • Full control over display fields with convenient customization to match your brand
  • Transaction results may return to your website for post-processing
  • Availability of transaction management and Email receipt

Core API & Silent Redirect

Get full control over integration into your online business with our Core API. You will be able to achieve PCI compliance with Silent Redirect.


  • Availability of Libraries with most programming languages, such as Java, Ruby, Microsoft.NET, and PHP
  • RESTful API is also functional
  • Observe and manage your website while visiting PCI-compliant with Silent Redirect