Hign Risk, Low Rates

Retain a bigger amount of your profits since, depending on your talent, you’ll need to preserve as much as possible to meet your targets. SiftPay assures that you will receive the most competitive rates for high-risk merchants in the online market.

No Setup Fee

SiftPay will assist you from beginning to end, and you will not be charged anything until you start making money. Furthermore, because our new merchant accounts do not require a setup charge, you will not be required to spend any money.

Clear Pricing

SiftPay guarantees that its customers will be treated with respect since we never cheat our consumers. Our company’s aim is to provide pricing that is simple to grasp.

About Pre-Application Rates

If your business is considered high-risk, you’ve almost likely been offered rates more than a standard merchant account. Rates will be higher, but you will most likely be overcharged unless your processor specializes in “high risk”.
Competitive Discount Rates – 2.2% +
We operate our global network to maintain your discount rate as low as feasible. While it is hard to quote an exact expense before you submit an application, our charges normally vary from 2.2% to 4.5%, relying on your company’s classification. Compared to domestic accounts, offshore merchant accounts often command a higher interest rate. We will be able to give your ultimate discount rate after conducting a merchant risk assessment. Get in touch with us to get started!
Additional Fees
There will be no additional or hidden charges applied during the transaction process except, you are just required to pay the transaction fee of 35¢. As mentioned, you will not be charged for any setup fee as well.
Flexible Pricing

With our customizable pricing choices, you have complete control over your monthly statement. If you want a specific pricing structure, we will quote you with a fixed discount rate that applies to all transactions, including all costs. If you prefer a more specific rate structure, you may have your classified pricing details by card type. Before signing the contract, we make certain that each merchant completely understands the offered fee.