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Because sports betting is so popular, the sports betting services industry thrives. Almost every game, large or little, is being wagered on. This is the reason why sports betting advisory firms subsist. A competent sports betting consultant guides anyone wishing to place bets to make a profit if the advice is correct. This service may be used on a game-by-game basis, over a given season, or all year based on the client’s preferences.

The sale of picks may be both profitable and rewarding for the owner. As the most trusted provider of sports betting merchant accounts in Las Vegas, international e-Commerce leader Siftpay can help you start selling your advice using a sports betting credit card processor to back up your transactions.

Options for Sports Handicapping Services

You’ll need to choose how to advertise your choices if you’ve committed yourself to start your sports handicapping business. There are 3 main methods for accomplishing this:

Through a Subscription Service: Customers join up for a subscription in which they receive a specific number of picks regularly, typically weekly or monthly. Their credit card will be charged automatically at this frequency as part of their membership.

In a Box: Customers can purchase a package of selections for a one-time cost. This might be a three-month bundle or a certain number of games.

Customers purchase one selection or game and are charged for the individual pick.

Sports betting advisory firms are also susceptible to dissatisfied consumers, resulting in a significant amount of chargebacks and fraudulent payments. Banks are less inclined to take on a firm exposed to chargebacks and fraudulent fees. Chargebacks and fraudulent charges might cost you a lot of money if you don’t manage them correctly. Furthermore, the nature of internet enterprises exposes them to data breaches and hackers. Moreover, internet firms are difficult to find. This adds together to make selling selections dangerous for banks and traditional payment processors. As Las Vegas’ top sports betting merchant account provider, Siftpay can set you up to take any credit card payments, including from international e-Commerce.

Your potential to take payments without issues is critical to your business’s future. While risks will always exist, one of the easiest ways to reduce risks is to prevent payment processing hold-ups using a high-risk merchant account. This is especially true for your subscription-based clients since any payment processing difficulties may prompt them to unsubscribe. That is why you want a high-risk payment processor, such as SiftPay of Las Vegas, to manage your international e-Commerce and online sports betting payment processing demands.

Several top-tier sports betting companies struggle to build a name for themselves in the sector because their sports betting payment options are inadequate. Because they are inconvenient for their users. And in today’s fast-paced digital world, when competition is fierce and new platforms are released daily, a user-friendly platform is a must. SiftPay provides simple merchant account services for online sports betting and international e-commerce payment processing. Las Vegas sports betting merchants trust us – why shouldn’t you?

The ease with which users may conduct transactions is critical to the success of any platform. When you provide your consumers the choice of selecting the online betting payment methods that are most convenient for them, you aid in the smooth operation of transactions. To that end, dependable and seamless online betting payment gateways allow you to develop confidence among your consumers and make your platform reputable.

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